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Our goal at Adelante Mailing Services is to help you send cost-effective, successful mailings. Please look over some of the tips we've learned over the years to help in that effort. Adelante is happy to review any of your proposed mailing pieces and offer advice on how to get the best postage prices.

If in doubt, have Adelante review your mailer before you print it! Call us at (505)265-5590 to arrange a consultation.

Mailing Tips

  • To mail Presorted Standard, you need a minimum of 200 pieces. The mail piece must also weigh less than 16 ounces.
  • To mail Presorted First Class, you need a minimum of 500 pieces and each mail piece must weigh less than 13 ounces.  
  • To avoid non-machineable surcharges, the mail piece must have a minimum thickness of .009 inches. To meet this requirement, postcard and/or postcard style mailers need to be printed on 80-pound card stock and flyers on text weight paper must be tri-folded.
  • To receive automated rates for a folded mail piece, a tab or tabs must be applied to keep it closed. If the return address and the mailing indicia are on the side nearest the opening we can apply just one tab, which will save you money. But, tabs can be complicated. All tri-fold pieces require two tabs unless the paper is 60lb text or higher in weight. If your mail piece includes staples, the Post Office classifies it as a booklet, which can require three tabs depending on the design.
  • The color and texture of your mail piece can affect the price of mailing. For example, some Astrobright papers and dark colors can't be automated. Similarly, textured or marbled paper might not be automation compatible. Also, some red and oranges cannot be metered.
  • Databases should be formatted in ASCII, comma or tab delimited formats. Excel or Access files are preferred. Adelante can work from labels, but to get the best postage costs, email or provide your database files electronically via disk or thumb drive so we can run them through NCOA and sort by zip code. Lists can be emailed to WeKnowMail@GoAdelante.org.
  • Self-mailers are cheaper to produce, but they rarely produce the same results of envelope-enclosed letter mailings. The highest response rates from direct mail come from standard #10 envelopes.
  • Mailers printed in color get higher response rates than black and white. Adelante can provide color printing and we partner with many local printers to meet the needs of our customers.
  • To qualify for any type of discounted postage your mailing list must be processed through the US Postal Service NCOA (National Change of Address) database at least every 95 days. This service, which Adelante can provide, updates the addresses of anyone who has moved in the last 48 months and ultimately helps you get your mailer to the correct customer.
  • USPS requires a certain amount of space for address and barcode. Adelante can measure your mailer to ensure you are in compliance.




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