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Do you provide mailing lists?

We do offer mailing lists for rent. There are three types of mailing lists. We offer occupant/residential lists, which are also known as saturation lists. Demographic and business lists are also available. Basically, you tell us whom you are trying to communicate with, and we will find your audience.

Do you handle any of the design or printing aspects of the mail piece?

As an added value, we will broker your printing to help you save money. In addition, we offer complementary consultation on the design layout of your mailer in order to maximize your postal savings.

How much time do you need to get my mailing out?

From the time we receive the printed mail piece and corresponding database, we have a three-business day turnaround to deliver it to the U.S. Post Office. However, the complexity and quantity of the mailers can affect the lead-time.

How long will it take the Post Office to deliver my mail pieces?

Adelante will make sure your mailing gets to the Post Office in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee how long the Post Office will take, because they won’t provide one. The Post Office may deliver your materials in two to three days, but can take up to 14 days to deliver your mailing. Seasonal issues like holidays and elections can prolong those delivery times, so please take those factors into consideration when scheduling your drop date especially with time sensitive offers and specific sale days.

Why is it cheaper to mail using Adelante?

We have specific knowledge of the postal requirements and the special software necessary to maximize your savings. We keep in strict accordance with the Post Office policies for all of your mailings in order to save you time and money.

Is it necessary that I create a permit account with the Post Office?

No. Adelante Mailing Services offers you the use of our permit at no charge. You can have it pre-printed on your mailing piece (with our approval) to save additional money. If you mail items frequently to your customers you can get a permit of your own and Adelante can provide direction on the necessary steps to take with the Post Office.


How much will postage cost me?

Postage costs vary, and are dependant upon such things as the type of item being mailed and its dimensions. Adelante provides an estimate of postal fees with each bid. We strive to get you the lowest postal fees possible, to help in that effort call us before designing a mailer. One inch or a different fold may save you money.  


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