There are several New Mexico businesses providing scanning and imaging services, but Adelante Document Imaging sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive, valued-added process to our scanning services.

Adelante's Document Imaging Process

  1. Consultation/Needs Assessment. Consulting with the customer and analyzing their current document storage and management issues.
  2. Providing a proposal and bid with detailed information on the services to be provided.
  3. Boxing of current document load and/or backlog; to include division of files as to what can be shredded and what needs to be scanned. Utilizes a color-coding system on all boxes to show file differences and where those particular files are in the scanning process.
  4. Indexing of files. This step involves creating electronic master folders that will evolve into the company's data search system. This step also helps eliminate misfiles or duplicates for the customer. Utilizing Microsoft Access format, which is readily available and pc-based for ease of use, the files will use a variety of fields, dependent on customer needs, and may include items like name, date, medical record number, or other identifying tags the customer needs. A printed copy of this file will follow the customer files through the process.
  5. Document Preparation. This labor-intensive step will involve the removal of binder clips, paper clips, and other binding systems from documents to be scanned. This step involves verification of contents as a follow-up to the initial indexing process, offering a higher degree of confidence in the system for the end user of the digital files. The preparation process also involves making sure all documents are facing the same direction and will be ready for the scanning process.
  6. Document Imaging. The actual process of document scanning through high-speed scanners that handle 60 pages per minute. Employees involved in this process will watch to make sure the scanner auto-straightens the documents, de-speckles and cleans the document, and that each set of files is scanned. The employee will utilize the database already set up in the indexing process to enter the electronic files in a highly accessible and straightforward format for the end user.
  7. Providing CDs of data files to customer along with signoff for final shredding of paper documents. Electronic files, in general, will be stored in a .TIF format for ease in viewing and printing. If customers request a different format, .PDF is also an option.


During and the entire process, Adelante can provide retrieval services, too. We understand that Adelante Document Imaging is being entrusted with documents for periods that can extend into multiple months, depending on the volumes of backlog files we are scanning. Part of our service therefore includes the timely retrieval of documents, including copying and faxing or mailing them to customers, during the scanning process.

Our goal at Adelante Document Imaging is to provide the most comprehensive and high-quality document scanning service to our customers. If you compare us to other local scanning businesses, you will see that what we offer is a more complete and more valuable process with a more useful end result.


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